ABNORMALITY – Mechanisms of Omniscience

Formed in 2005 from Marlborough, Massachusetts, Abnormality play a style of Death, Scientific Fiction, Conspiracy Theorists and versatile style of both Technical Death and Brutal Death Metal. Mechanisms Of Omniscience is the sophomore album followed up to 2012’s debut of Contaminating The Hive Mind. With Mechanisms Of Omniscience released on April 29th, 2016 through Metal Blade Records, they’ve borrowed elements from Cannibal Corpse Suffocation Cryptopsy Deeds of Flesh and Dying Fetus with a unique categorized style combining Technical Brutal Death Metal, the instrumentation, vocal delivery, lyricism and production value are upgraded significantly where each track contains the most catatonic, aggressive and progressive layers the band has put out to date.

From technicality arrangements, slam oriented guitars, visceral vocal deliverance and characterize bass/ drum sequences, Mechanisms Of Omniscience is simply put a outrageous, diabolical and relentlessly brutal start to finish. With songs such as Mechanisms of Omniscience, Swarm and Cymatic Hallucinations, this Massachusetts outfit surely knows how to essentially build their craft with naturalistic musical compositions and a reminiscent of Origin esque energetic fuses showcase groovy sections of mid-paced to mathematical embodiment of astonishing comprehensible intelligence within the songwriting is a true unique work of art. The album also does a wonderfully splendid job rotating the musicianship allowing every member from Abnormality truly shine their own organic counterparts where the variations may not overshadow the talented playing authentication skills but rather create a album that’s polished, clear and spreading their devotion for extreme music has been a fascinating listening experience. Lastly, Mechanisms Of Omniscience brings out the underground Metal community to unleash and portray many musical influences to really display the band’s most matured albums to date.

If you were a fan of the previous album Contaminating The Hive Mind, Mechanisms Of Omniscience is another continuation pushing boundaries for Death Metal to a whole new level showing differential passages and a style so organically ambitious you definitely should not sleep on this.

Overall score

Review by Jake Butler



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  1. The new Beneath album, Ephemeris is really good. They changed their sound a bit with some creepy clean guitar parts and they sharpened their songwriting as well.

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