As 2021 is winding down and had stellar albums throughout the year, 2022 will mark a brand new branch of wonderful releases in the upcoming days and months. That being said, The Last Of Lucy are an American technical death metal band that has been spewing out great quality of music and now being with Transcending Obscurity Records, Moksha is the sophomore full-length album and is the follow-up to 2017’s Ashvattha. Musically and stylistically, The Last Of Lucy is basically taking influences from Rivers Of Nihil, Ion Dissonance and Entheos while also utilizing structures of grindcore, math metal and their devotion for technical musicianship is absolutely on point. For a band like The Last Of Lucy who not only released breathtaking pieces of extreme musicality these musicians found their components to compliment themselves in a neat ordinary fashion.

Their brilliance from the intelligent songwriting to the schizophrenic frenzies incorporating ambient electronic layers, saxophone arrangements and heavy traces of groove style guitar melodies there’s no denying a band can create different variations of music that’s both diverse and experimented while keeping the progression flowing naturally. Even tracks such as Ritual of the Abraxas, The Demiurge, Ego Death and Temple of Rati contains their most aggressive behaviors as well as the beautifully designed instrumentals they’ve created manages to balance onslaught and calming signatures making Ashvattha incredibly satisfying. Moksha promises to deliver a album that’ll quench any fan’s hunger for technical death metal bringing atmospheric layers and jazzy sections to the modern metal scene.



Overall Score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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