MOLESTED DIVINITY – Desolated Realms Through Iniquity

In the underground scene, there are many death metal bands with brutal sounds who are pumping out good albums with solid writing and brutal riffs. While there are many bands, one who just released a very brutal album is Molested Divinity, based out of Turkey. The band’s debut album, “Desolated Realms Through Iniquity” isn’t mind blowing or world changing, but it’s another slab of death metal that is sure to satisfy all fans of the genre, and deserves at least on listen. “Depths of Chaotic Existence” opens this album up, and does so with a short ambient sound before launching into the first experience of death metal on this album.

The production is the trademark rough production that most underground death metal bands has, and the band leans into it, allowing it to build up their sound instead of limiting it. This song, like many on the album, if fast and heavy. At no point stopping to allow the listener to catch their breath. Up next is “Malicious Source”, which has the same fast pace as the previous track, and continues introducing more brutal riffs. The writing is tight, and both the riffs and the chugging fit naturally with the songs. This leads into “Beyond Gateways”, which opens with a nice brutal riff, and continues the solid trend of tight writing from the previous songs. However, this song is a bit slower than the previous, giving it some nice variation compared to previous songs.

Next is the title track, “Desolated Realms Through Iniquity”. This song continuous to slow things down, and almost feels like it’s bringing in some death doom influence. The band uses this song to show that they can write more than just fast brutal tracks, and can write those other songs very well. “Reign Beyond Apocalypse” is next, and goes back to the fast and brutal tracks from the early part of this album. This song doesn’t slow down at all, and allows the riffs and brutal writing to dominate its runtime. Next is “Yearning to Nothingness” is another very brutal song that continues the warpath that the band is on with this album. While it doesn’t bring anything necessarily new to the table, it’s another solid track from this band.

“Praise the Infamous Era” is next, and slows it down just a bit while staying just as heavy. The riffs and writing is tight as hell, and the increase in speed at the end is a warm welcome, providing the song with some nice variation. The album ends with “Despise the Divinity”, and this is a solid way to end the album. The song, for the most part, is fast and heavy, but with pace variations, very tight writing, and just the band being at their best with this one, it ends the album on a good note. This is a solid album. While this album won’t blow you away, the material here is very solid, and fans of brutal music will most likely find something they enjoy with this one.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Review by Sam Hookom



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