SADISTIC DRIVE – Anthropophagy

I’ve said this once, will say it again. I absolutely worship and praise the Finnish death metal scene. Whether it’s the death doom, Blackened, melodic or anything in that regard I’m a sucker for anything coming out of that country. Today, I’ll be covering a band from the Blood Harvest roster known Sadistic Drive and their brand new LP release of Anthropophagy. This album is nasty filling, grindy, very old school influenced style of death metal that is slimy goodness to my ears. From guttural vocals, presentable drum work, pleasurable instrumentals and atmosphere filled with relentless chaos, the album not only became very penetrated and became highly accessible but in a sense this band found their counterparts by utilizing instrumentals and progression onto new heights.

Songs such as Acid Vomit, Worm-Eaten Abomination and Serial Cleaner for example brings out the band’s stylistic branches of naturalistic musicality is more thick, full-fledged, pummeling and extremely impressive songwriting taken the boundaries into a chapter so fresh that the members from Sadistic Drive have fully been capable to demonstrate and taught the listener that the old school death metal movement of bands whom are paying tribute and homage to that thickened, gruesome and raw style throughout the 90’s when you had Dismember, Autopsy, Exhumed, Repulsion, Suffocation and others are known for their simplicity and natural sounding structures is exactly what Sadistic Drive are wanting to capture the essence and influences to the music to be reimbursed.

Even the secondary half of the album brings out that thrashy and grinding aesthetic to make the album far more enjoyable than just hearing copy and paste material bands have done for years. But fortunately enough, Sadistic Drive gives the album a old school feeling all over again and I’m definitely not letdown by it at all. Anthropophagy brings out the best of both worlds for the old school death metal movement and fans of the genre shouldn’t pass this up.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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