SHRIEKING DEMONS – Diabolical Regurgitations

Formed in the year 2021, Italy’s Shrieking Demons are a death metal band that I don’t see many people discussing in the extreme metal world such is a shame because as someone like myself that is a compassionate listener and fan of death metal and its subgenres. Shrieking Demons have released the debut EP titled Diabolical Regurgitations and is released on Caligari Records. Musically, they play a very morbid, murky, old school and contemporary sounding style of death metal but also have some influences of blackened death metal and some doom metal signatures in the mix which is taking a huge toll on the scene as I feel majority of the band’s in today’s underground scene have really solidified bands to keep pushing the boundaries and tables to not only create music that’s uncompromisingly heavy and explosive, but to give the listener and strap themselves all the way back to the late 80’s to early 90’s of extreme metal when bands were at their prime.

Lyrically, Shrieking Demons lyrics are a mystery since there’s a lot of references from death, gore, blasphemy and some Satanism themes in the mix which in this case it may seem dull and generic but I really care about the musicality and its approach rather than giving hard foul on a band’s imagery or artwork. Now with that being out of the way, this four track EP clocks in around sixteen minutes in duration and right off the bat the moment you hear the songs such as Hidden Cathedral of Diseases and Whispering Corridors for instance these Italian musicians combine various genres of blackened death metal, noise, grindcore at times and even death doom but with their own creative and stylistic approach as I get huge vibes off on Autopsy, Incantation, Blasphemy and even some war metal bands like Revenge for instance for their abrasive, noisy like structures to bring such heaviness and melodicism is just smothering with relentless headbanging anthems and crushing production giving that old school death metal flair that fans know what I’m talking about is just superb.

The musicianship on here is absolutely on point as the instrumentations from the punchy and riffage of the guitars, to the progressive and grindy substances of the blast beat drum sections to the bass tonality giving it a experimental and diverse approach gives it all it got and therefore I feel these Italians surely know what they’re capable of in creating such monstrosity and a well written ep showcasing what is next for future material. Diabolical Regurgitations is a sewer-drenched album that is filled of such filth and disgusting pieces of death metal and if you’re wanting something that is intoxicated and spiciness then definitely give this EP a listen.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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