GENOCIDE PACT – Order of Torment

Washington D.C.’s death metal outfitters Genocide Pact painted some of the most authentic and stabilized old school inspired musical components that will immediately grind your teeth beginning to front. From the production reminiscing of Bolt Thrower and Incantation, to the traditional and harmonized instrumentals, 2018’s Order Of Torment is a massive improvement that will not only crush the innocence of souls but the craftsmanship is what makes the album truly shine. While many modern day American death metal artists shift towards into a much more stylistic complexity and toning down tad bit of pummeling this is in total result to bring quality over quantity.

From the destructive leads of Conquered and Disposed to the beautiful blast beat carnage of Spawn of Suffering, Genocide Pact’s inclination is to remove some of the cryptic nature of Incantation’s music, leaving behind a time-warping ooze. Guitarist/vocalist Tim Mullaney and bassist Michael Nolan also play in Disciples Of Christ while drummer Connor Donegan bashes in Red Death and has filled as a session member for Texas’s thrash metal outfit Power Trip.

Genocide Pact aren’t just your run to the mill extreme metal group relying on the The raw, gory sound of the genre is attracting newcomers and revitalizing old lovers of the genres to pick up their guitars, downtune them into oblivion, and rip some tunes limb to limb but Order Of Torment fuses differing styles of death metal here works to give them an enormous advantage over the myriad of other bands riding the new wave of raw death metal; their ability to mark with pinpoint accuracy how and where the pieces they’re using fit together is an almost unbeatable leg up and over their peers for many years to come.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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