FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY – The Great Collapse

The deathcore genre has a creativity issue. Like many genres that blow up in a short period of time, band after band pop up to try and recreate the sound that made the originals of the genre so bit. That’s why it is so refreshing to see a band doing something different. Fit For An Autopsy show that you don’t need an all-out brutal assault in order to be heavy as hell. Their latest album, “The Great Collapse” expertly combines the heaviness that deathcore is known for with a great atmosphere to create what was my personal favorite album of last year. “Hydra” opens this album, and the feeling of despair hits immediately. This album is not optimistic, instead leaning into a nihilistic view of where society is headed, and this song shows that perfectly. The writing here is very solid, and the nice riff combined with sparse use of melody open this album up right. “Heads Will Hang” is next and does so right away with a really nice and heavy riff over some fantastic drumming. The chorus here is powerful, and the variation of vocals, including a soft section with some cleans, make this one of the standout tracks on a standout album. Up next is “Black Mammoth” which is heavy and dark. The band goes all out with this one, combining faster, riff filled verses with a chorus filled with powerful, slower chugging.

The breakdown, this being a deathcore album, should be mentioned, because it’s extremely well executed. This leads into “Terraform”, which has a softer opening, and more melody. The writing, especially in the guitar work is great. However, that shouldn’t exclude the drums and vocals, which combined with the guitar are what make this album as good as it is. “Iron Moon” is next, and features Kevin McCaughy from Ion Dissonance. This song is heavy as hell, and what it lacks in atmosphere it more than makes up for. While on paper it is a more stereotypical deathcore track, the writing is very tight, and every member of the band is performing at full capacity. “When the Bulb Burns Out” is up next, and has a longer, soft intro with a spoken word section about the demise of the planet due to climate change. After that, it gets heavy. The tone on this song is not only dark, it’s also desperate. The vocals are great, the chugging is nice, and writing during the whole song continues to be tight.

“Too Late” is up next and has a dark and heavy opening. The writing, once again, is solid, and the band chooses to slow the pace down for part of this song, and speed up for others, with each section feeling unique but fitting together to help the whole. “Empty Still” has a longer, soft intro, however over most of it is the harsh vocals. The buildup into the main body of the song is great, as is the body itself. The band softens up for a couple sections here, allowing for the atmosphere to take over. “Spiral” ends this album, and does so on a great note. The lead guitar is solid, the tone is dark as hell, and the writing is as tight as ever. The ending is fast and chaotic, before ending on a melancholic softer fade out to wrap this album up. This album is great. While a lot of deathcore tropes are present at times, the album is great and it’s writing and use of atmosphere are worth noting. Everyone who likes any form of extreme metal should check this out.

Overall Score: 10/10

Review by Sam Hookom


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