CUTTERRED FLESH – Sharing Is Caring

Cutterred Flesh are a brutal death metal band from Czech Republic whom in my opinion are a fascinating discovery that I stumbled upon as of recently finding more bands in the underground extreme music scene. Released on Transcending Obscurity Records, Sharing Is Caring is an anomaly of creating music so incredibly catchy, heavy, brutal and groovy at times that I truly think this is one profiling record start to finish. Musically speaking, Cutterred Flesh have a wide variety and range of different extreme metal subgenres including technical brutal death, slam, traditional death metal and even some grind signatures in the mix in which this case, they’ve really seem to create a sound so versatile and commendable that I could tell you that this album beginning to end is uncompromisingly heavy the moment you hear such chaotic and eviscerated pieces of music.

From the vocals almost bringing a Aborted, Cattle Decapitation, Devourment and Suffocation sort of sound to the guitars, bass and drums giving a Analepsy, Benighted and Vulvectomy approach, I can tell you immediately right off the bat that this is a shocking, mood-changing and a instant gamechanger for the band’s exploration in diving into such wonderful and exciting musicality that is long awaited to be in anyone’s journey to find what the listener is looking for. From their frantic, grindy, technically driven instruments to the fast paced, tempo stylistic arrangements and deceptively fast and catchy, emotive signatures, this band ain’t messing around as they rightfully captured such brilliancy and beauty into their extremely effective yet destructive sequences is mesmerizing.

Tracks such as Good Boy – Romantic Relationship With Necrotic Tissue, Progressive Body Adjustment, Amused By The Tenacity Of A Dying Whore and The Mystery Of The Black Hen give each of these tracks a rather bludgeoning, comforting, technical and almost melodically driven sort of sound as I feel the barriers and soundscapes on the album definitely demonstrates the listener that for a brutal death metal band like Cutterred Flesh is concerned, they aren’t afraid of no measures or trying out to balance a mixture of genres while keeping their sound rather afloat instead of feeling artificially stale. Sharing Is Caring is just as lethal, deranged and bone-shattering in which if you’re looking for something to kill the time, Cutterred Flesh is the band for you.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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