Sacrificium- Oblivion Album Review

I am going to be honest with all of you. I have a type. Most everyone does. Most people have very
specific traits they are drawn to. Things that they just can’t say no to. With age and experience, I have
branched out, found joy outside my typical type. But, the instant a late 90s, early 2000s, melodic death
metal sound crosses my path, my head is turning hard and fast. And seeing as how we seem to be in the
midst of a resurgence of that particular sound, my neck is killing me.

Oblivion by Sacrificium, embodies everything I love about the genre and the sound, but considering they
have been doing it since the early 90s, that doesn’t surprise me in the least. Oblivion is the latest
addition to their 30 year long career. And the best part is that it is too easy to believe they are a newer
band if you didn’t know any better.

They took a style and sound they had a part in shaping and kept it sounding new. What I thought
through both listens of Oblivion was this could be a bridge album for some. There are elements that are
just toeing up to the line of deathcore. Considering the deathcore genre is something that very
obviously branched off from melodic death metal and what came after, it makes sense, but it is a nice
surprise to hear it come full circle like this.

Sacrificium scratch all the itches you may have for some fantastic melodic death metal, hell any metal
itch you might have, and it will throw a few welcomed curve balls your way. This album is made for a
wide audience is the best way. You like Black Dahlia Murder? This album is for you. Whitechapel? Also,
for you. At The Gates? It is definitely for you. Metalcore, deathcore, tech death, etc., etc., etc. If you are
reading this, this album is for you. In the words of Charlie Chaplin, “…the good earth is rich and can
provide for everyone.” And this album provides for all fans of metal in abundance.

And if you are wondering why the hell I would quote Charlie Chaplin…listen to the album.

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Overall Score 10/10

Review by: Dan Perretta


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