NECROPHOBIC – Mark Of The Necrogram

Stockholm, Sweden’s extreme metal band Necrophobic have returned to the fiery depths after being in the darkest shadows for approximately five years and are back full force to create a album that’s punishing and torturous. Mark Of The Necrogram is the latest chapter for these Swedish death/black metal musicians who’s influential sound from 1993’s The Nocturnal Silence to my personal favorite of their catalog being 1997’s Darkside which this day are their best material to date. With Mark Of The Necrogram released through Century Media Records, their musical components and style is very reminiscent of lyricism reflecting death, occultist, anti-Christianity and metaphorical/Satanic imagery into a much more chaotic and well structured of blackened death metal.

They have taken their inspiration for Satanism from a mythological standpoint and increased intensity that’ll make any death metal fan heavily surprised during counterparts so harsh, deep and understanding lyrically these tracks provide naturalistic structures in the extreme metal world that fans come to know and love. Clocking over 48 minutes of extreme goodness, they use a 3-5 minute duration lengths which increasingly boosts brutality and focuses on tight, remarkable melodies and self-contained harmonics are insanely underrated and incorporated to absolute perfection as possible. Songs such as Tsar Bomba, Mark of the Necrogram and From the Great Above to the Great Below you’ll get scholarship death metal goodness, composed and carefully paced songwriting, enhanced and hyperbolic vocal deliveries and Morbid Angel influenced touchstone rhythm guitar signatures as naturally provided have impressively laid out complexities as the members of Necrophobic unleashes their innovation for Satanic themes and extreme metal metaphors.

Atmospherically and musically, Mark Of The Necrogram is perhaps one of the most authentic releases by these Swedish individuals not because many fans discuss the underpinnings of their sound as a grinding speed philosophy but it has outstanding moments of compassion, dedication and provides capable compositions to not sound a rip-off or plastered copied death metal formulated structures.
After a long return, Mark Of The Necrogram by Necrophobic is a sterling, strong and scriptural death metal album showcases authentic abilities to capture, release and expertly crafted evil malicious songs that are pure brilliance.

Overall score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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