NIGHTMARE CANVAS – Nightmare Canvas

Texas’ death/thrash metal band Nightmare Canvas is a band came out of nowhere within the extreme metal scene and created a destructive monster debut full-length that will satisfy and pleasure metalheads to the fullest. Over an hour long of crushing music, the songwriting and lyrical content is top notch as this band surely knows what they’re fully capable of doing outside the box to incorporate multiple layers of vicious images that’s going to skull fuck your mind front to back. There’s some early Black Dahlia Murder and old Lamb Of God vibe to the tracks as it pushes forward full speed ahead. The breakdowns are pretty intricate and earth shattering. The guitar work on the track is brilliant, the drums keep up and sometimes even push the envelope with daring the rest of the instrumentation to keep up with it.

Vocally, it brings a old school touch with modern twists that is not only organic but it keeps the album’s presentation and atmosphere extremely well polished. And as someone who loves death metal and some thrash here and there, Nightmare Canvas’s debut is exactly what I love combining different elements of music keeping it heavy, aggressive and ambitious. This is a record I cannot recommend enough especially if you’re fans of death and thrash metal then Nightmare Canvas will fit right at home.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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