Resurgence is a death metal band that finally sees the release of its debut album Besieged. Besieged is an 8 track onslaught of catastrophic metal commotion that is sure to grab new metalhead’s attention by holding their throats and beat them into a writhing submission hold. Hailing from British Columbia, Canada these musicians take inspiration from old school death metal with a modernized twist of blistering and unrelenting spirals of extreme music. Musically, the songs bring out a sense of groove and a different tone from most metal bands, it further connects the band to Lamb Of God due to the stylistic resemblance which isn’t entirely bad but it keeps the style more fresh and opened.

Entombed Inside Your Brain” the opening song for instance features different sections that each transition seamlessly, demonstrating a masterful level of songwriting and tightness as a artist. The album blends together hard-hitting metal driven by blast beats and breakdowns while fusing together a progressive edge that allows for the music to shift, giving each song (none of which are shorter than four minutes) a rich soundscape and variety from within the songs. When Resurgence chooses to take a more straightforward and modern metal approach, the results are just as polished and spectacular as when they dip into the progressive side with the song “In My Grasp” demonstrates incendiary guitar solo and hard hitting and rhythmic power chord driven groove; along with the true, unfiltered heaviness of “Sodomy By Chainsaw” a track which simply refuses to let go.
Resurgence’s Besieged is an excellent record which takes much of today’s modern metal- whether it be heavy or progressive metal- and takes it to a whole new level with an uncompromising level of musicianship from the band as a whole.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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