HAUNT – Haunt

Hailing from Salem, Oregon, Haunt is the raw black metal solo project of Perthro. After two demos, Haunt brings us his debut self titled full length. This release features tracks from the previous demos and differs at times in sound quality as it is believed to be a compilation of both demo tracks and new tracks but besides that, this album is pure, raw and evil black metal. The guitars are heavily distorted and sound like they are mic to amp recordings, along with the raw drum recordings that accompany them. With this sound though, the band has achieved that misanthropic raw noise that can be compared to the first wave of black metal.

Perthro’s vocals are the biggest plus here as his style fits with the raw aggression behind the instruments. The guitar riffs here are unique, similar to those of old Mayhem and Immortal. The drums are very primitive in sound which again, fits perfectly in what Haunt was trying to achieve, raw evil black metal. Overall, this is a great debut for Haunt. As a fan of old black metal that was not studio recorded or polished, this is a great nostalgic sound that Perthro has perfected. If you are a fan of old school black metal like Mayhem, Burzum, Bathory or just pure evil and raw sound, this is a perfect album for you.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Neil Andersen


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