IZTHMI – The Arrows Of Our Ways

I had the honor and privilege to see Izthmi live last summer at a local house show and they’re by far, one of the most interesting bands to ever come out of Seattle, Washington and there’s a damn good reason why this band has potential to be on the lookout as one of the sickest and coolest underground bands to be hailing from the Pacific Northwest territory. Borrowing elements of doom, ambient, progressive, black, atmospheric, and noise comes together Washington State’s Izthmi and their debut full-length The Arrows Of Our Ways which is scheduled to be released on February 14th, 2020 and is self released by the band.

This album is driven into by many emotions, characters, passages and messages to basically describe the lyrical content as a journey to the human nature and finding love throughout a time of oppression and solace. The moment you hear songs such as Useless is the song of Man, From Throats Calloused by Name and A Shout that bursts through the Silence of Unmeaning you’re going to feel a lot of powerful, spiritual, and wonderfully arranged instrumental work from beautifully made guitars, great bass tone, audible drums and fantastic vocal passages, this album is not about pure heaviness, but it’s philosophical style, branches, and sound reflects that; it doesn’t deviate grossly from that style and is a continuation of the triumphant, wistful and morose atmosphere.

Their sound has gradually relegated the guitars to a background instrument, buzzing hypnotically behind it all, providing a subtle drive to the steadfastly mid-paced music. But perhaps the biggest highlight on this album is the atmosphere. Good lord has it never felt so rich, dynamic, and the songs march along fantastically without any sort of repetitiveness or losing its own sense, touch and fusion. Rather than prattling about different metaphors from their songwriting, I highly encourage everyone to read their lyrics, especially since their music is extremely artistic.

Izthmi’s The Arrows Of Our Ways shows the band stronger than ever before and while this is not for the faint of heart, this record offers surprises here and there in a vibrantly atmospheric album that is fulfilling and extremely mesmerizing that any fans of extreme music will find something at home with this record.


Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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