CLOAK Go “Beyond The Veil” In New Music Video

Atlanta based black metal band Cloak have unveiled the music video for their song “Beyond the Veil”, which the band teamed up with David Parham to create.

When speaking to Blabbermouth, who debuted the video, the band states:

“Beyond The Veil’ is a song that’s grown in meaning and importance the longer it’s been with us. It’s a song about both the fear and comfort of knowing there is something much greater in charge here and the empowerment that it can bring. Regarding the visual aspects, we wanted to work with color this time. Being fans of Dario Argento and classic ‘Hammer Horror’ films, it only felt right to pair the song with rich and powerful colors.”

The song is from the band’s debut “To Venomous Depths”, which came out last year via Season of Mist.




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