THOSE DAMN CROWS Release Live Video From YouTube Space London

British modern hard rock band Those Damn Crows have released a live video of their fan-favourite track “Blink of an Eye”, which appears on their upcoming debut album ‘Murder and the Motive‘, out October 5th on Earache Records.

The performance was filmed live at YouTube Space in London in July.

Frontman Shane Geenhall comments:

“From the early demo stages of ‘Blink’ we knew this song had the potential to become one of the biggest songs on the record, It seemed to have all the ingredients of a potential hit – a story, a message, a great hook and a HUGE chorus that the crowds at our live shows love to sing back at us.”

Speaking about the meaning behind the song, Shane adds:

“‘Blink’ is about a time and place where we grew up as kids, and reflecting on how much has changed since our childhood… pubs, venues, shops, all boarded up; how we once were, how life was and just how precious life and loved ones are. It’s only through loss do you truly appreciate life… ‘You gotta hit the lows to feel the highs.'”



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