STILLBIRTH – Annihilation Of Mankind

Nearly two decades as a band, Stillbirth are one of Germany’s finest brutal death metal bands and have came back to create one of my favorite albums of 2018 thus far with Annihilation Of Mankind released through Unique Leader Records. Upon hearing this album, I’ve noticed the musicianship and progression has changed a slight bit prior to Global Error which was a great record start to finish. This time, Annihilation Of Mankind welcomes some guest appearances including vocalist of Hate Diplomacy Don Campan, Zdeněk Šimeček of Godless Truth, Chris Butterworth from Crepitation and Vulvodynia’s Duncan Bentley all contributed to participate in singing their most gruesome, brutal and disgusting singing there is to offer in the brutal death metal scene.

Musically, I get bit of Cephalotripsy and Epicardiectomy vibes in terms of technicality and the groovy music sections from Katalepsy and Organectomy where often times the signatures and instrumentals can be transitioning decently at times but it can be quite repetitive at certain points throughout the album’s listening experience. The tracks range anywhere from deathcore inspired compositions to the more authentic and eviscerated signatures of slam keeping the rotations natural and progressive. Despite the lyricism and stage presence, the album’s artwork is one of the best Stillbirth designs I’ve stumbled upon as it gives a Amazonian atmosphere where the listener is sucked into a concreted jungle to be lost and surviving the most deadliest forests in mankind.

Annihilation Of Mankind is also a concept album a world war ending in a post apocalypse nuclear utopian universe. For a debut album through Unique Leader Records, Annihilation Of Mankind by Stillbirth is an absolute pleasure of a record that’ll satisfy any fans within the brutal death metal community.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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