LIVE BURIAL – Unending Futility

Transcending Obscurity Records has been dropping the ball to release incredible albums year after another consecutive year. This time around, this is a band I haven’t heard much about until I discovered Live Burial months back and they’ve not only earned a new fan, but this is the style of death metal I’m massively into. Live Burial, those who aren’t aware of who they are have been around since 2012 and they’re from United Kingdom, specifically Newcastle and their style of extreme music is basically taking lyricism of death and gore and borrowing heavy influences from the United States, Finnish and Swedish death metal scene. Unending Futility is a world filled with the deepest, most guttural sounding album’s I’ve heard coming out of the label in quite sometime.

Musically, this band really has studied their homework to combine both death, thrash and some sludge metal but also, there’s doom metal signature styles that not only are extremely creative and borderline amazing front to back but this isn’t just the typical run to the mill, meat and potatoes style of death metal where everything is a carbon copy of it but however, Live Burial’s musical compositions, sound, progression and understanding their philosophy to create carnage and destruction for death metal is always a nice treat. There are different characteristics within the songwriting where most of these songs ranging from the death/doom hybrids of Hooded Menace, and combining that raw, gritty, low-fi sounding death metal in the veins of Autopsy, Entombed, Obituary and even early Unleashed to a extent where it keeps the songs naturally afloat without losing it’s sense of sound and touch.

However, towards the secondary half of the album it does feel less prominent where in the 90’s era back when you had Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, and Immolation have something more traditional, yet painted imagery that Live Burial basically went back in time creating a formidable offering which in this case it works because not many extreme metal bands coming out of the United Kingdom are all about making records that sound extremely brutal, fearsome and brutal but in Live Burial’s style this is what a lot of bands lack of and that is consistency. Just take the songs such as The Crypt of Slumbering Madness, Seeping into the Earth and the closure being Cemetery Fog for example, you get a album that’s around 41 minutes in length and pretty much this album does have some progressive structures and even frantic, experimented, and varied elements of death metal with the usages of doom, sludge and thrash metal often times can be a bit overwhelming but if you like a album that contains tremolo guitar melodies, Incantation style breakdowns, Cancer influenced drumming and Benediction musical tones, then I feel this album is right at home. Unending Futility offers innovation, creativity, and something fresh to the death metal and extreme music community and if you’re into the underground, you’ll love this front to back.


Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler


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