OFFICIUM TRISTE Prepare Anniversary Compilation

Rotterdam doom metallers Officium Triste will celebrate their 25th anniversary next year. The band will also release a new album, and has plans to ask bands to cover their songs for a special compilation.

Officium Triste’s latest update:

“As 2018 is crawling its way to 2019, we are getting a bit excited. Since we started out in 1994 this means we’ll be around for 25 years next year. Of course we have our new album scheduled for 2019 and we’re sure we’ll do some special gigs here and there.

“We also decided on a different project which should see the light of day next year. We’ve reached out to bands we like and respect and asked them to participate in this project where these bands will cover a song of ours. We probably will add an original to this compilation ourselves. Anyway, this cat is out of the bag and we’re looking forward presenting the result.”


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