THE DROWNING Sign To Transcending Obscurity Records, New Album Coming

UK death/doom band The Drowning have just signed to Transcending Obscurity Records and their upcoming full length, The Radiant Dark, promises to be the best one of their career. The release date has not been made known yet but you can check the cover artwork, tracklist and the crushing new track “In Cold Earth” below.

Label owner Kunal Choksi states:

“I’m thrilled to come across yet another talented UK band in The Drowning. They’ve been around for a while and it’s time they get the attention that they deserve. Their brand of hard-hitting death/doom metal is of the kind that stays with you long after the album is over and I’m excited to work with them. The UK scene has been kind to our label and here’s hoping this proves to be a fine experience for everyone involved. Special thanks to Chris Kee for letting me on to this band and sorting things out.”

The Drowning members comment:

“2018 has been an exciting time in The Drowning camp. It has seen the completion of our fifth full length album, which we worked on long and hard to get the best from the new material. We believe it’s our best work to date and signing to the mighty Transcending Obscurity Records puts our work into the hands of one of the best new labels around. They’ve been signing major artists from around the world and this is a massive step for The Drowning. We are very, very proud to be a part of Transcending Obscurity’s incredible roster of bands.”

Track listing:

1. Alpha Orionis
2. The Triumph Of The Wolf In Death
3. Prometheus Blinded
4. In Cold Earth
5. All That We Need Of Hell
6. Harrowed Path
7. I Carve The Heart From The Universe
8. Blood Marks My Grave



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