OBSIDIAN SHRINE – Anno Domini Satanas

There’s been several black metal releases that were great, some were okay at average and then others come to replicate different elements of music to bring out a modernized sound. Meet Obsidian Shrine, a upcoming black metal outfit formed in 2016 from Nashville, Tennessee and their music is described as blasphemous, satanic, hatred and aggressive.

Obsidian Shrine proved themselves that the United States black metal scene has not only improved over the course of many decades ago but rather push that level to whole new leaps and bounds. Musically, lyrically and artistically speaking, Anno Domini Satanas is not just your typical black metal release with bombarded blast beats, throated and raspy style vocals, ritualistic styled guitars and bass tones, this album captures atmosphere, progression and the members of this band have created a imagery to build and use heavy emphasis on emotion, perseverance and the overall structures on this record is truly remarkable.

Just the moment you pop in the introductions to songs like Raped By A Demon, Armageddon Warriors and Anno Domini Satanas to the more slower, mid tempo sections of Darkness Falls you’re going to be trapped inside the darkest vortex known to man. Anno Domini Satanas is not a masterpiece by all means but for a debut full-length this is serious black metal everyone should dive into.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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