1914 Sign To Redefining Darkness Records, Debut New Song

Blackened doom/death metal band 1914 have a new album, “The Blind Leading the Blind”, releasing on the 100-year anniversary of the First World War, and now it’s announced that the band have signed to Redefining Darkness Records.

On top of this, the new label has debuted a new song from the album, titled “Passchenhell”.

On their Facebook page, Redefining Darkness Records said the following:

“BEYOND excited to announce our latest signing, 1914, of the Ukraine!!!! We are proud to showcase a brand new track off of their upcoming album, The Blind Leading the Blind, entitled ‘Passchenhell’ featuring Death Metal great, David Ingram, (Benediction, Bolt Thrower, Just Before Dawn, Ursinne, Down Among the Dead Men). With U.S. & European representation through Redefining Darkness Records & ARCHAIC SOUND, The Blind Leading The Blind will see a very fitting release date at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month (Central European Time) – the 100th Anniversary of the End of Great War.
PREORDER NOW available:”.


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