As someone who enjoys funeral doom metal time to time, Australia’s Mournful Congregation is a band that created their most genre defining, and life-changing journeys they’ve ever produced. The Incubus of Karma is not just the bleakest, sorrowful and unique brands of music to date, but their compositions, songwriting and progression as a band with this masterpiece of a release took them to new levels and heights. They’ve managed to have a style that’s not entirely copy and pasted of other bands but they’re one of the most consisted artists to never stray away the musicianship and talent.

The sound displayed here showcases heavy concentrations on number of guitars being used alongside a heart pounding, atmospheric, and mastered to perfection albums to date. With The Incubus of Karma being an hour and twenty minutes of pure, beautifully designed pieces of music, they’ve left off where The Book Of Kings ended but this time around, they’ve incorporated a desolating experience which will again take you to a ride to an unknown world where the surroundings will devour you with that utter feeling of anguish and disparity. Musically, The Incubus of Karma embraces the key attributes of funeral doom and that patently distinguishable yet seemingly difficult to match style of the band. The album holds six crushing and completely wretched tunes, two of which are instrumentals, which draws the listener to that deep and dark domain where despondency will cloak in all of its conditions.

From the band’s guitar harmonies, melancholia styled bass, guttural vocal patterns and palm-muted riffs, there’s no denying a band like Mournful Congregation can ultimately create a vision that portrays emotion and imaginations. The Incubus of Karma by Mournful Congregation is a well focused, groundbreaking release that will forever be a landmark to many funeral doom metal albums for generations to come.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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