OCEANS OF SLUMBER Guitarists Leaves Band

Oceans of Slumber have made the unfortunate announcement that both guitarists Seam Gary and Anthony Contreras have left the band. Along with being the band’s guitar players, the two were also founding members of the band.

Oceans of Slumber put out the following announcement earlier this week: “Severing ties in a relationship is never easy. Losing two of the founding members of this band after 7 years of close proximity sucks too. Anthony and I have been in multiple bands together and have traveled all over the world together in them. Sean has been my right hand man from the get go. It’s taken a lot of work to get where we are. But things change. They always do. We will miss them immensely, but this house isn’t finished being built and we’re left with the task of completing it. Though there is an amount of hurt and sadness on our end, we will power through all of this and come out just fine. We must stay vigilant not to be dragged down with the daunting task of moving forward. With all of that said; goodbye to the two of you and we hope all of the things you want and need happen for you. #oceansofslumber #thebanishedheart #guitaristneeded #metalmusic #metalguitarist”

Oceans of Slumber most recent album was “The Banished Heart”, which was released on March 2nd via Century Media Records.



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