APPLAUD THE IMPALER – Ov Apocalypse Incarnate

Applaud The Impaler are an American extreme metal band formed in 2008 from Virginia Beach, Virginia and play a style of gory, mutilated, leprosy and Nihilistic style of brutal and technical death metal with traces of deathcore signatures. After a seven year gap prior to 2012’s EP of Reanimated, Ov Apocalypse Incarnate is the debut full-length released through Unique Leader Records. Musically, if you take elements of Thy Art Is Murder, Trigger The Bloodshed and Abiotic with elements of Beneath The Massacre thrown into the mixture this album features 45 minutes of carnage, destruction, brutality and rough in-your face death metal music.

What’s different about the debut full-length compared to their EP’s is it offers single-handedly brutalized structures, balanced technical brutal death metal statistics and a atmosphere so engaging it pulls the listener onto a world filled with chaos and catatonic geographical instrumentation that are spastic of relentless aggression. The chemistry work, songwriting, production and stylistic arrangements have been improved, tighter, stronger and extremely more fierce this time around. This album also introduces intelligence within the massive songwriting but also keeping the tempos more mid-paced oriented and protected the interpretations to keep the music naturally flowing without any sort of repetitiveness occurring.

Ov Apocalypse Incarnate does bring out constitutional commandments that intercepts a prominence, disruptive and distributing grabbed leads to have the album portraying differential aspects which it does a great job balancing out natural progressions within the album’s lyrical content well as the tracks feel fresh, chaotic and insanely heavy start to finish. For a debut full-length, Virginia’s Applaud The Impaler have really outdone themselves to find their sound and kept original ideas making their approach for extreme music very promising and authentic. Ov Apocalypse Incarnate is a record utilizes atmosphere, lighting fast instrumentals and if you previously enjoyed their EP’s there’s a high chance you’ll strap yourselves on a massive extreme metal modern classic that’s definitely worth listening to.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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