CENTER OF DISEASE – Morbidius Malformations

Center of Disease are an American Brutal Death Metal band from Oklahoma formed in 2012 and released their debut full-length album titled Morbidius Malformations and is self released by the band themselves. Now, 2017 has had some stellar Brutal Death Metal releases but what’s really special about Center Of Disease’s debut is the amazing musicianship, and borrowing influences from early to mid 90’s Death Metal bands from Internal Bleeding Internal Suffering and early Suffocation with a style so unique, disgusting and very well polished this underground extreme metal band utilizes Brutal Death Metal organically and musically speaking these individuals combined progressive layers of brutality, thick instrumentals and lyrics are really well worth listening to. With Morbidius Malformations features 8 tracks and clocking in at a astonishing 30 minutes in length, the members from Center Of Disease did a splendid job keeping the instrumentation work and lyricism very well structured and for an underground band like Center Of Disease I’m very intrigued to hear such blistering musicality that borrows extreme levels of Brutal Death Metal to the forefronted table.

Take tracks such as Post-Mortem Penetrations, Beyond the Seven Doors of Death, The Dawn of Suffering and Macabre Mutilations, these guys are well essentially intelligent to their own craft containing ambition, maturity and appreciative progressions to push any form of musical abilities and upgraded the impressive atmosphere which the album represents is very natural, clean and doesn’t over-relay on too much technicality. But overall, Center Of Disease made a fantastic debut and curious to see where their musical growth takes them to Brutal Death Metal and extreme music in general. Fans of Brutal Death Metal will definitely enjoy this album for what it presents.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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