Mithridatum- Harrowing Review

As 2022 is coming to a close, it  featured exquisite records from Lorna Shore, Revocation, Shadow Of Intent, Enterprise Earth and many more to list. Mithridatum features former members from both The Faceless and Abhorrent to craft us their debut full-length album of Harrowing which is released through one of my favorite labels right now Willowtip Records. Now, Mithridatum’s musical style is very interesting so to speak since their signature blend of blackened death metal really traversed the band into a sound full of gloom, isolation and a atmosphere so mournful in which this case, this album also features the deepest, darkest and incarnation arrangements I’ve heard in recent memory.

Harrowing seems to be a essential listening for 2023 and this says something as someone who enjoys a plethora of blackened death metal bands in general. This album starts off with the opening track of Sojourn which really sets the album’s mood and atmosphere to get a glimpse of what’s about to go down. Then other tracks such as Lower Power and The Passageway for example have intricate guitar arrangements that feels dissonant at times but also incorporating technical elements making this album go further down into the darkest abyss. Even the drums, bass, vocals and production sounds primitive and unrelenting which to me I love when bands like Mithridatum start to dive deeper into finding their own soundscapes and experiment different arrangements without sounding artificial or the same. Harrowing is not just a album, it’s a work of art and if you’re wanting a record featuring the most sub-lethal doses of extreme music, this is for you.
Overall score
Review by Jake Butler


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