It is no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am a big fan of doom/death and gothic metal and just most metal in general. Germany’s moody gothic metallers Lacrimas Profundere are back with a new album and it is moodier and gloomier than before. Now personally, I have been a long time fan of the band since their doom/death days but I have not been complaining with their gothic metal/rock transition in the past years. Bleeding The Stars is definitely a mix of classic Lacrimas Profundere but with an upgrade and some extra bells and whistles. The band still have that sad, depressive sound but a little more rock oriented than many past releases.

This album is also the first to welcome the young vocalist Julian Larre instead of the previous voice of Rob Vitacca which honestly, is not a bad thing because Larre’s vocals fit perfectly with this sound and is actually a big plus to this release. His singing is reminiscent of many famous metal vocalists like Jonas Renske of Katatonia, Nick Holmes of Paradise Lost, Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity and many others but also very unique and different at the same time. The slight screams through some tracks like Father Of Fate, fit perfectly as being both haunting but adding that bit of heaviness like older releases. The guitars are dreary and ride the lines of both gothic and doom metal but balance well, bringing a Katatonia vibe. The drums are very precise and fitting with each part and transition being not too fast and not too slow, just riding the wave of sound and keeping the perfect pace.

Overall, this whole album is beautifully dark and probably one of my favorite Lacrimas Profundere releases to date. Is it the best release from the band? Yes and no because that is subject to the listener. As a newer listener of the band, you will love this album from beginning to end as it is about 40 minutes with each track being between the three to four minute range. As an old listener of the band, you will still love this release because it brings out some of their classic elements while being new in sound but still not exactly their roots. So yes, this album is a masterpiece from Lacrimas Profundere and if you are a fan of moody, dark, gothic metal that makes you feel and makes each listen feel like it gets better and better, then grab this album. Bleeding The Stars is perfect for any metal fan out there, you will not be disappointed.


Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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