TRAUMATOMY – Extirpation Paradigms

After a six year gap prior to releasing anything musically, international based band Traumatomy are back and this time around, they’ve brought the jam in slam because this album Extirpation Paradigms released on Gore House Productions is a fine example of what slamming brutal death metal is all about. Since this band has members from other groups including Disfigurement Of Flesh, Decomposition Of Entrails and Gorevent, this band’s been around since 2012 residing in both Russia and Japan known for creating such disgustingly heavy, sickening and bone crushing assaults of pure onslaught that’ll satisfy your hunger and ears.

Musically, Traumatomy’s style is very similar to Abominable Putridity, Visceral Disgorge, Party Cannon and Epicardiectomy since the songs have that groovy aesthetic but this time, they’ve bring more depth in their sound since every song doesn’t feel the same as it keeps the melodicism, tempos, arrangements and style feel its welcomed and for that, I truly feel this is the best Traumatomy album they’ve done to date. This 9 track, 28 minute features disgusting, brutalized, virtualized and characterized signatures of brutal death metal while also maintaining core instrumentals carried over within the album’s presentation.

However, upon listening to the secondary half of the album I was very impressed seeing a underground slam metal outfit took natural compositions and combined naturalistic elements of vicious musicality which then makes the album more chaotic and destructive all the same time. Even the band’s heavy influences on the brutal death metal genre got bit of that hardcore signature from No Zodiac on songs such as Ruinous Metamorphosis, Epitome of Depravity, Patterns of Tyranny and Inducing Intragenic Deformity from the drumming, guitars and vocal departments which all showcases primal aggression and later transcends into a sprawling disease of madness and unpredictable leads that crawls the listener into a gruesome atmosphere.

There’s progressive undertones, technicality and astonishing musical compositions which Traumatomy’s approach making brutal death metal is a serious thing because this not only met my expectations upon hearing the album front to back, but the whole swarming, bludgeoning, incontinent, incoherent, bruised, broken and bloody passages that finishes up incredible touching displays of vicious slamming brutal death metal is far beyond driven to see what lies next for this band. Lastly, from the expressive, tremolo-picked slamming leads, streamlined percussion, arsenal commandments of rapid fire guitar licks and masterful vocal performances, Traumatomy’s Extirpation Paradigms helped them established a new mark for the genre as they comfortably craft material so skyrocketing, energetic and eviscerating, this is a album you absolutely need to hear if you’re a brutal death metal junkie.



Overall Score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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