VISCERAL DISGORGE – Slithering Evisceration

After a long eight year hiatus and signing to a new label, Maryland’s brutal death metal band Visceral Disgorge are back and hungrier than they’ve ever been before in their career. Slithering Evisceration is the second installment to the band’s catalog prior to 2011’s modern day masterpiece of Ingesting Putridity which is one of my top favorites in the genre. Now with Slithering Evisceration, it features the most tightest, aggressive and throwback brutalized signatures they’ve done to date and it showcases how matured they’ve been as a band. From the distinctive flavorings of tasty instrumentals, desired guitar melodies, chaotic drum fillers, guttural and disgusting passages of lacerated vocals and audible bass tones to the top notch production value, this album is Visceral Disgorge’s wake up to unleash catastrophic, monolithic and polished pieces of music I’ve heard this year and for brutal death metal altogether.

With songs such as Necrotic Biogenesis, Fucked into Oblivion, Siphoning Cosmic Sentience, and Spawn of Putridity, Slithering Evisceration to keep their sound a much more heavier structured and monotonous atmosphere as the variations enlightened of insanely talented musicianship keeps progression a mature tone approach. Then onto the second latter half of the album, I’ve noticed the ultra-churned combinations of blended powered forces, infused technicality, dynamism of Slam-filled riffs and deeply forced overdoses of sophisticated abolitionists chemistry is simply put, a magnificent work of art and I applaud Visceral Disgorge for keeping the tempos, moderation and signatures steadily and well balanced to absolute perfection.

That being said, Slithering Evisceration already closes the album with the finest exceptions what brutal death metal can borrow from and that’s execution in terms of genetic, challenging and menacing heaviness does provide the listener a natural expressionism based on alternatives how Visceral Disgorge pulls off their latest album is simply well put, a musical direction that worked fantastically well. But what’s special about this album is not only their instrumentation are filled with animalistic vocalizations, amazing craftsmanship and slam-filled oriented complexities that will make the listener completely mindfucked and understand the importance of what brutal death metal showcases here, but Visceral Disgorge are a band to keep an eye out for many years to come as this is exactly what I love about this band and album. Seriously, go listen to this if you haven’t!


Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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