WINDS OF PLAGUE – Blood of My Enemy

Winds of Plague returns again after four years since the release of Resistance with Blood Of My Enemy. The Upland, California based symphonic deathcore outfit comes back hard with this release by standing out with symphonic apocalyptic tones through out this album. From beginning to end, this album surges with adrenaline and positive vibes that are the soundtrack to take on the day or charge full force into the mosh pit.

The album permeates heaviness with pounding drums and orchestrations that stir up tension. The album delivers not just heaviness and brutality but also keeps the material fresh thanks to the band’s structure and sound. The album is not just all out brutality but well constructed chaos that gives something new to the scene. For example, the track From Failure, Comes Clarity blends dark symphonics and a positive message to stay on one’s course in life. The title track stands out with the use of singing which actually breathes in new life and fits well within the sound.

The whole album is fierce, strong and brutal but also beautifully composed and shows the band’s effort in moving forward. Winds of Plague is not a new band in this scene by all means so that means the fans expect a lot out of them to deliver a new, strong and heavy album and they did not disappoint at all. There is something here for everyone and maybe for myself, I feel the keyboards finally got the forefront they deserve in this album. This album is a truly solid and evolved release from Winds of Plague and is worth every second of listening.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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