TEMPLE OF VOID – Lords Of Death

Borrowing influences from Hooded Meance, Asphyx, Bolt Thrower and Acid Witch, Michigan’s death/doom metal band Temple Of Void have been a high-profile act that had brief moments into the wandering depths of underground music and years later, we have a new album on the horizon with Lords Of Death. Musically, lyrically, atmospherically and progressively Lords Of Death continues the stray path right where the debut full-length album left off known as Of Terror and The Supernatural. With Lords Of Death this is arguably the band’s polished, wonderfully crafted and established albums to date as the songs dive into a cavernous, doomy and monstrous atmosphere using death metal signatures while incorporating doom metal styled melodies.

Temple Of Void’s Lords Of Death is more of a straightforward Death Metal record with faster, aggressive, distorted guitar chugs and mid-tempo melody-centric sections remind me of Bolt Thrower in a sense they’ve maintained groovy instrumentals while balancing heaviness and unsettling vibes keeping the album very diverse. These guys are not only insanely talented in the musicianship department but the overall decorations for death/doom contemporaries are stronger than Of Terror and the Supernatural. Michigan’s Temple Of Void not only established themselves into the underground metal community but they are surely worth the immediate attention as Lords Of Death is an excellent follow-up for death/doom metal albums of 2017.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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