THE FALL OF EVE – Nevermore

As per usual, I have taken to hunting through Bandcamp to see what new metal releases are out or coming soon and I happened to stumble across Scotland’s The Fall of Eve. Their latest offering Nevermore was released the 10th of this month and I figured I would give it a listen as I had never heard of the quartet before now. After two listens of Nevermore, I can definitely say this EP grew on me but there are some things that hold this release back from being a fully solid endeavor.

The guitar work, the drumming and especially the soaring vocals are amazing on this EP. Vocalist Laura “Evangeline” Moffat is a damn talented singer, comparable to Charlotte Wessels of Delain and a little bit like Christina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil. She can hold notes flawlessly, has a great range and a surreal sound to her voice. Now the only small quirks I have with Nevermore is the guitar tone and levels along with the kicks on the drums being way higher than the rest of the drums to where it sounds like someone tapping on a table way too loud. Now saying this does not mean that the epic drum patterns and guitar riffs are less powerful or less epic but it does take a little away from the production of what really does sound like a solid group.

Tracks like End of Days and The Raven are prime examples of the solidarity of this relatively underrated band as I believe these tracks show the full potential of their unique sound. The vocals are just beautiful and set the bar high for many others after. The solo in The Raven gives the guitars a little breathing room in the spotlight and is a welcomed plus to an already epic track.

Nevermore is a damn good release from the band but I personally wish the production was a bit better as you can definitely hear the talent The Fall of Eve have and this EP deserves to maybe be added to an upcoming full length in the future with better production. Final verdict is I absolutely enjoyed Nevermore and would recommend to any metal fan. It’s both heavy and melodic with a highly underrated singer. I look forward to any future releases from the band.


Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Neil Andersen


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