We took a moment to speak with Manchester, England’s death metal band Ingested about their latest EP Call Of The Void, the music scene in their country and much more.

MPM: Please introduce yourselves to what you do in the band

INGESTED: Sean – guitars and backing vocals

Lyn – drums

Sam – guitars and backing vocals

MPM: You’ve guys been making extreme music since 2006, what’s the death metal scene like in England now than it was decades ago?

INGESTED: There’s certainly less bands now than when we started out back in the day, in truth elitism kinda ruined the scene years ago, there are pockets of bands still going and playing death metal but now you tend to see more hardcore tinged bands these days. It seems the younger generation either don’t like blast beats or can’t play them, I’m betting on the latter.

MPM: Call Of The Void was released recently this past June through Unique Leader Records and it has a much more diverse and different sound prior to The Level Above Human. How was the process of this EP compared to older releases?

INGESTED: Our writing process hasn’t changed over the last few records, but one thing I will say is, because we tour heavily our music has adjusted to a more live oriented approach. We know what works live and what doesn’t, we want to have a large plethora of material to choose from rather than only being able to play two singles per release.

MPM: The last time we heard anything from you guys studio full-length wise was The Level Above Human released last April and it became one of my absolute favorite releases of 2018. Are there any future plans for upcoming material and if so, what’s the musical direction gonna take for new pieces of music?

INGESTED: Put it this way we are always working on new music, for what direction we take? You will all have to see.

MPM: I saw you guys with Aborted, Psycroptic, Venom Prison, Vale Of Pnath, Disentomb, Arkaik and many more at Devastation On The Nation tour last Summer season and have enjoyed your setlist. How was the crowd experience, touring with sick bands and having Jason Keyser from Origin filling in for vocal duties?

INGESTED: That part of our touring cycle was tough, DOTN was the last leg of an 11 week long tour. It’s always good to tour with good fiends so that made it easier and it’s always fun touring with Keyser, we’d worked with before when he filled in for Jason the first time, so he slipped into the role perfectly.

MPM: When not on tour, what are some of your guy’s favorite things to do for downtime?

INGESTED: We barely get downtime these days as our touring cycles are long but our downtime is probably the same as everyone else’s, spending time with friends and family, catching up on favourite TV shows and films, PS4 and football, the real football.

MPM: Since being signed to Unique Leader Records, how’s the label been treating for you guys since being picked up on the roster?

INGESTED: We have a good relationship with all the staff there, its a label we’ve all been into for many years and some of our favourite death metal albums have been released through UL. It feels like home.

MPM: Are there any favorite releases of 2019 to recommend fans that haven’t been aware of?

INGESTED: We’ve caught a few cool releases this year so far:

Whitechapel – The Valley,

Disentomb – The Decaying Light,

Visceral Disgorge – Slithering Evisceration, Kublai Khan – Absolute,

Rammstein – ST

Drab Majesty – Modern Mirror

To name a few.

MPM: Many fans consider Ingested to be a slam band, but I consider you guys to be a death metal band with deathcore inspired melodies, do you all agree to that description?

INGESTED: We don’t really agree with any description, many names and genres get thrown around for our band and we love it, you can’t completely pigeon hole us.

MPM: What are some of your guy’s favorite songs to play live and how does the song mean to you from the lyrical content?

INGESTED: Better off Dead, Sovereign and Purveyors of Truth to name a few. Purveyors means the most to Sam:

“Personally the one that means the most to me is “Purveyors of Truth” it’s a critique of call out culture that is so prevalent in current times. How everyone will judge without all the evidence and with a lack humanity. Then how quickly people will backtrack as soon as everything comes to light. Its affected so many of my friends and people around me and I think it’s a dangerous mob mentality that we collectively seem to be cultivating. It’s always the most self righteous who become hypocrites when they want sympathy for the mistakes we all make through the human condition.”

MPM: Who’s some of the musical influences that inspired you all to be where you’re at today in this modern day era of extreme metal?

INGESTED: Well back when we started we were heavily influenced by bands like Dying Fetus, Devourment, Suffocation and some slightly modern bands like Despised Icon, Beneath the Massacre and further on bands like Behemoth. There are tons of bands that we have taken influence of, but I think these examples can some up what you hear as the basis of our sound musically and production wise.

MPM: If there was a dream lineup tour that Ingested would love to be on the road with, whom you may bring?

INGESTED: Well it would be tour where “they” would bring us:

Slipknot (Iowa set)

Dimmu Borgir (Puritanical set)




MPM: Do you all prefer touring or recording music in studio?

INGESTED: If time was infinite in a studio we’d probably pick that, but it’s always tough being on a budget and a schedule so we’d have to pick touring

MPM: If Ingested would like to collaborate with any band or musician of your choosing who would you all like to work with for the future time being?

INGESTED: That’s an question that’s too vast to answer, there are an insane amount of bands and musicians we’d like to work with

MPM: Why should everyone check out Ingested and what does the music represent to the table for newcomers?

INGESTED: We are a criminally underrated band we’ve slogged it hard for over 13 years, we are one of the best at what we do and we bring it live. If you like death metal, blast beats and a pulverising live show you are an idiot to not check us out.

MPM: Are there any final words you all would like to say to your fans or any information to discuss before closing the interview?

INGESTED: If you haven’t seen us yet we are touring heavily for the next 4 months playing our first album in its entirety, celebrating its ten year anniversary. We play Europe, Eastern Europe / Russia and the USA. Come out and support us!


Interview by Jake Butler


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