Today we got to speak with Chris Lacroix from Canada’s death metal band Disembodiment!

MPM: First off, my pleasure doing this interview with ya. Secondly, how are you doing during these rough times we’re facing during the pandemic and those unaware who you are, could you introduce us to what you do in the band?

D: I play down tuned dive-bombing guitars and also do screeching vocals in Disembodiment, I’m doing great thanks for asking.

MPM: Your debut EP titled Mutated Chaos has been out for little over a month now, how’s been the crowd reception prior to the release?

D: The reception has been great! People seem to enjoy what we do which is cool! It’s nice to know that there is still fans of dark and rotten NJ infused death metal on this cadaver world.

MPM: Since Canada is home to many extreme metal bands from Cryptopsy, Beyond Creation, Archspire, Tomb Mold, Adversarial and Kataklysm, what makes Disembodiment unique to make putrid style of death metal?

D: We do enjoy a lot of bands from Canada but we don’t draw our influences from any of those bands really. We are drawn to the sewer-dwelling death metal that the USA and Europe had to offer in the early 90s, bands such as incantation, rottrevore, magus, deteriorot, winter, grotesque infection, agonized, amorphis, etc…

MPM: Everlasting Spew Records released the CD version for Mutated Chaos. What’s it like being on that label with such great bands from Birdflesh, Lord Gore, Revulsed and Void Rot?

D: It’s great, they’ve been supporting us well with promoting the shit out of this release and also shipping copies of this record all over the world to fans and distros.

MPM: What track on the Mutated Chaos EP would you say is your most favorite to write as a musician?

D: I’ve personnally written 4 songs on this release. I’d say my favorite is probably Mephitic Gunk of Putrefied Limbs, mostly because it’s not too long so I don’t have to wait 4 minutes to take another fucking gulp of beer.

MPM: Since shows are unforeseeable in the distant future, what has kept you afloat lately that fans might not know about yourself?

D: Aside from Disembodiment I play guitar in a band that’s called ”serpent corpse” with friends from Montreal, but yeah i haven’t been in Montreal in a while because of curfew and travel restrictions. Shit are starting to open up more and more in Québec so hopefully I can go back soon to rehearse and chill.

MPM: What’s your overall stance on the current era of underground bands in today’s extreme metal scene?

D: The underground death metal scene is stronger than ever, so many new bands pop up all the time it’s hard to keep up! I do my best to try to stay up to date while still listening to the same old records that I’ve been listening to for years, haha!

MPM: If Disembodiment were to create the ultimate dream lineup tour if shows were to make a return, what bands would you like to bring on the road?

D: I’m guessing this question is for bands that are still active, if so I’d probably say cannibal corpse, mephitic corpse, undergang and pissgrave

MPM: What was the main inspiration for you to create death metal music and whom are some of the biggest influences that motivated yourself to be in a band?

D: Main inspiration to create a band was when all four of us went to see obituary in Montreal and they only played songs from the first 3 LPs, without their lead guitarist. We obviously went a darker path than Obituary style death metal, but it is why it all started back in 2012 with OATH. Our biggest influences are mostly US death metal I’d say, with bands I mentioned earlier.

MPM: One thing I’ve noticed about the guitars and vocals is that it reminded me of bands like Incantation, Undergang, Rottrevore, Dismember and have that amazing death doom melodies that I would hear like Spectral Voice which is something I dig about your band. Are there any future plans for new music on the horizon?

D: We do enjoy those bands very much so it’s a natural thing for us that we do sound similar to them. We also have a split in the works with the sickest band in all of Québec. Keep your eyes peeled for that, we plan to record for this before the end of the year, so it will probably be a 2022 release.

MPM: Since cassette tapes and vinyl have been making a huge return in the metal scene, what’s your overall thoughts and opinions on physical media versus digital?

D: I prefer physical formats over anything digital, but yeah i can’t get every fucking release that I want/need or I’d be poor as fuck, so I do enjoy digital releases to keep up with new shit.

MPM: Before we wrap up the interview, thank you for taking the time in doing this. Are there any last words or advice you like to give to the fans reading the interview?

D: Thanks for this interview, STAY ROTTED TO THE CROSS.




Interview by Jake Butler



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