ANCIENT COSMOS – Transcendental Evils from the Majestic Galaxy

The metal underground has seen a lot of solo projects come and go through out the years, some good and some bad. Japan’s Ancient Cosmos is an example of the very good side of the spectrum. Lord Nothingness is nothing short of a virtuoso when it comes to his work and Transcendental Evils from the Majestic Galaxy shows his perfected skills best out of any of his previous releases. This album blends melodic death metal, symphonic black metal and atmospheric tones together beautifully along with some of the most epic guitar riffs I think I have ever heard outside of power metal.

Tracks like Symphony of the Legendary Warriors and Weeping in the Dead Moonlight show how epic Lord Nothingness’ composition work is. Between the soaring keyboard arpeggios, heavily epic and aggressive guitars and blistering fast drums,  this already makes this album a contender for one of the best metal albums of this year. Now add in a perfect mix of black metal screams and death metal growls, that makes this album complete.

With this year almost at a close, there has been many new albums that I would personally consider in my top ten and Ancient Cosmos’ Transcendental Evils from the Majestic Galaxy is one of those in that list. The album has the perfect amounts of heavy, fast, epic and melodic moments that any metal fan would love. If you are a fan of Diabolical Masquerade, Edge of Sanity, Emperor or just purely epic metal, then pick up Transcendental Evils from the Majestic Galaxy and enjoy the ride.


Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Neil Andersen


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