MORTEM OBSCUREM – Eradication Of The Human Endeavor

Let me say first off I have witnessed these guys bust their asses to get this album done to their standards, the quality of this album is top notch and I will not ignore the effort put in, now onto the heavy heavy. Mortem Obscurem is a technical death metal band with a very strong orchestral touch. This entire album had me personally all over the place, the amount of range both in the music and the vocals gives the […]


LUCIFER Debut New Single & Music Video

Lucifer return with a new advance track and music video “Bring Me His Head” that pays tribute to the 1976 Stephen King horror movie classic “Carrie”. The track is off the band’s upcoming album Lucifer IV, due out October 29th via Century Media.    



We got to speak with Sergey Liakh from Dispersed! MPM: Hello Sergey, how are you doing today during these unprecedented times we live in and those unaware who you are, could you introduce yourself to what you do in the band? D: Hey! I am ok, man. Living through these dismal times, I am always trying to motivate myself to work on new sick music and keep the things up. For Dispersed I am doing vocals, I recorded the bass […]


ATRA HAERESIS Debut New Track ‘Vaunted Dyer’

International death/black metal band Atra Haeresis premiered a new song entitled “Vaunted Dyer” from their upcoming new album Pretium which will be out in stores August 26th, 2021 via Satanath Records (Russia), Kryrart Records (Germany), and Death Portal Studio (USA).  


WIZARDTHRONE Premiere New Single & Lyric Video

Wizardthrone (Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Aether Realm, Forlorn Citadel and Nekrogoblikon) premiered their new single and lyric video ‘Forbidden Equations Deep Within The Epimethean Wasteland.’ The track is off the band’s impending new album “Hypercube Necrodimensions” that will be out in stores on July 16th via Napalm Records.  


OBSIDIOUS Premiere Debut Single

Obsidious – featuring former Obscura guitarist Rafael Trujillo, bassist Linus Klausenitzer, and drummer Sebastian Lanser alongside vocalist Javi Perera premiere their debut single and music video ‘Iconic’, streaming via YouTube below.