ACRANIUS – Reign of Terror

Acranius are a Brutal Death Metal band formed in 2009 from Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany, and the best way to describe their sound would be a gory, misanthropic, torturous and murderous style of Brutal Death Metal with elements of Hardcore/Deathcore compositions. Released on January 27th, 2017 through Rising Nemesis Records, Reign Of Terror is the continuation album followed from 2014’s Dishonor which my opinion was great start to finish. However with Reign Of Terror being the latest from this German outfit they’ve utilize relentless brutality, slammed esque instrumentations and viscious monolithic slabs of unrelenting aggressively driven breakdowns, Reign Of Terror also combines Devourment and Cephalotripsy (OFFICIAL) onslaughts featuring destructive sequences with songs such as Kingmaker and Outlaw truly uses innovative solutions which therefore musically and authentically speaking Reign Of Terror is a naturalist album showcasing the band’s matured, heaviest and nastiest filled material to date.

From the actualization of varied vocals, Drop C guitar tones, audible drumming and distinguished/ grindy headbanging assaults of purifying instrumentals, each member from Acranius does a wonderfully splendid job keeping their rotated progressions a much more diverse, ravaging and monstrous complements giving the album a fresh philosophic sound. Perhaps my favorite highlight from Reign Of Terror is the amounting deliverance and characterize patterns the album naturally portrays making the tracks accustomed without any wear or tear keeping the interpretations, lyrical content and blistering multilateral instrumentation a phenomenal display of cultivated aggression. There’s also distinctive flavorings of The Echo of Her Cracking Chest Hardcore melodies and Dishonor Slam variations making Reign Of Terror Acranius’s best album they’ve put out in recent memory. Any slam/ Death Metal fans will satisfy themselves of adulterated brutality descriptions and massive chaos of decrepit uniqueness and creativity showcases Acranius returned to their Brutal Death Metal roots with some minor changes here and there.

Overall, a fantastic album and recommended for fans of INGESTED Whoretopsy Begging for Incest and NO ZODIAC will love Reign Of Terror.

Overall score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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