MIZMOR – Cairn

There’s been alot of wonderful albums coming out in the year for 2019 and extreme music as a whole but hearing Cairn by Mizmor is truly a unique work of art. Based out of the Pacific Northwest, this record is a massive exploration to dive the listener into a much more comfortable, highly resolute, and ultimately driven pieces of music anyone will hear this entire year. Clocking in over an hour of original, creative, artistic and astonishing tracks, these variations balance out so many elements of genres ranging from black metal, doom metal and even very little hints of death making the album be completely fresh and diverse.

From the opening song of Desert Of Absurdity to the luxurious and memorable song leads of Cairn To Suicide introduces solid craftsmanship, musicality and appreciation for incorporating darkened, drone like figures to really established such wonderfully crafted music that’s not only a fantastic experience start to finish but it’s the nature and beauty reading and understanding the lyrics based upon what the listener can interpret. Cairn is another demonstration and the latest chapter from A.L.N. who’s real name is classified for private reasons but his inspiration creating such nihilistic, apostate and absurdity themed style of experimental music is astonishing, atmospheric and engaged into such great elements of wonderful surprises that’s yet to be awaited for everyone diving into.

From death metal structures and usual, rotten doom metal-esque atmosphere with magical, atmospheric and movements for various musical components, A.L.N. pulled off another masterful, articulated and organic sounding releases he created to date and it just shows how authentic the album is when you understand the everlasting consistency and mastery displays of mid-paced, slowly and moody compositions have never sounded realistic of all the album’s I’ve listened to in 2019. Cairn is not only for the faint of heart but this is a must for any fans appreciating different styles of music with a mind-blowing, philosophical sense what A.L.N. has not only successfully crafted his most diverse albums to date but rest assured this is something everyone should not be slept on.


Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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