MORTIFERUM – Disgorged From Psychotic Depths

Death-doom dated back all the way in the late 1980’s that features slow tempos, growling vocal performances, double bass drumming and has gained massive popularity within the 1990’s when artists such as Paradise Lost, Asphyx, My Dying Bride, and Tiamet all have made a impact throughout the course of the genre today. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, comes from another hometown band in my area known as Mortiferum with the 2019 debut full-length album Disgorged From Psychotic Depths. If Undergang, Bolt Thrower, Krypts, and Spectral Voice were all to create the most brooding, suffering and slowly driven style of death-doom metal it be Washington State’s very own Mortiferum.

From the band’s thunderous guitars, darkened arrangements of magnificent and eerie passages of harsh vocals this is truly a wonderful experience both musically, lyrically and atmospherically to be completely mesmerized within the album’s artistic expressions and not to mentioned adding nice flair and organic gestures to draw the listener’s attention as these Washingtonians bring out best of both worlds to showcase their instability and craftsmanship to whole new level within the death doom scene.

There’s also some fantastic melodies while they’ve seem to matured the songwriting and counterparts to not only unleash their most punishing album to date but for a underground extreme metal like Mortiferum, this is what death doom metal needed and with a band like these individuals there’s memorable sections that captivated the underground scene to bring fourth inspiring acts many years to come. Disgorged From Psychotic Depths is a album that is definitely promising as you feel yourself trapped and isolated into a catastrophic universe to embrace and fascinate any fans of old school death doom for years coming by.


Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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