DOMINICIDE – The Architecture Of Oppression

Dominicide, a four piece band from Glasgow, just put out an absolute top tier EP called The Architecture of Oppression September 10th, and I am just loving every minute of this! It’s constantly hitting you with sick riff, after sick riff, and it’s a very welcomed mix of metal sub genres (melodic death metal, thrash, deathcore, tech death). I am so impressed with how good this is, and I feel like a lot more people need to get ears on this! These songs are put together so good, and to have songs averaging around six minutes a piece, they deliver it so well. Just constantly giving you something more and more impressive throughout the entire EP.

The overall sound of the album is just perfect to me! The guitarists are just relentlessly hammering out these amazing riffs and just happen to be the singers too. These two really put an awesome feel to the songs by going back and forth with riffs and vocals the way they are. The bass sounds really good in the mix, you can hear that deep sound punch through and I love it. But this drummer is so on point, got to shine a light on him too for a minute. This guy is just bringing all these nasty riffs to life with spot on drumming. A group of seriously talented musicians that’s for sure.

This band is too good to not be heard and I highly recommend these guys FFO: Divine Heresy, Kataklysm, The Haunted, Eye of the Enemy. I feel like most metalheads, regardless of their preferred sub-genres, can get on board with this! I’ll definitely be jamming this regularly!

Overall Score: 10/10

Review by Nick Poulin



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