EXOCRINE – The Hybrid Suns

For a good while, Unique Leader Records has been on top releasing amazing albums front to back from the latest Near Death Condition, Worm Shepherd and many more to come. Exocrine are a French based extreme metal project that were formed in 2013 and have unleashed their latest studio offering of The Hybrid Suns which is their fifth studio full-length and is the continuation of 2020’s Maelstrom. To describe their sound is taking elements of progressive and technical death metal almost if you were to hear something from Obscura, Gorod, Archspire, Beyond Creation and The Zenith Passage with their lyrical themes involving esotericism, science fiction and reality-based subjects.

What I love about this album compared to other releases is that they also incorporate melodic structures in their songwriting and the soundscapes is full of detail and deliverance which make these songs have such a heavy emphasis on energy, technicality and progressive layers making it sound sharp and precise as ever before. The last album maelstrom not only was such a remarkable effort beginning to end but The Hybrid Suns took everything from that album and created the most atmospheric, weaving, progressive and structured style albums they’ve done to date which not only felt very clean and presented well but this band needs to be talked more in the community because of how complex and diverse with these palates of songs are packed with heaviness, melody and catchy hooks.

There’s moments throughout the record where every song balances the heaviness and tonality does a decent job keeping the fluidity and instrumentals a chance to compliment one another with the guitars giving it a nice progression alongside the drum work adding blast beats and backing all those, the bass leads give it almost a jazzy, contemporary style approach and the expressive vocal layers provide some black metal shrieks well adding some slam styled growls in the mix which is something uncommon in both the progressive and technical death metal community but these guys do it so impressively well. The Hybrid Suns is Exocrine’s most dynamic, compulsive and godsent material that is very likely gonna be in my favorite albums of 2022.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler


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