VILE IMPREGNATION – Vile Insemination Pt. 1

International based band Vile Impregnation have been around for quite sometime and my introduction to these guys was couple years back when they released the single in 2019 titled Lust Ritual which showcased the band their primal fury to incorporate elements of brutal death metal, blackened death and slam. Vile Inseminations Pt. 1 is a compilation release which is something I don’t generally cover on the website but after giving it many thoughts and listens, this material here is absolutely top notch, well-rounded and extremely flawless front to back. These musicians are fully capable of understanding how to command their audacity in terms of consistency, deliverance, preservation and studied different components and ideas to really think outside the box and surprisingly enough, this met my expectations very well.

Released through CDN Records, these songs are as progressive and dynamic as it should for brutal death metal and not to mentioned the artwork itself speaks the minds of what happens when you use the blackened death atmospheres, punchy slabs of slam oriented guitar melodies, crunchy drum fills and eviscerated vocal deliveries ranging from shrieked highs and guttural lows to the commandant assaults of songs such as Chainsaw Anal Impalement and the opener to Regurgitating Putridity just feels absolutely wonderful and a fresh breath of air to see a band rise up from the underground to demonstrate their artistic abilities and talent to prove why this monstrous album will win you over if you appreciate multiple genres and naturalization instruments to keep the tempos, sections and arrangements in study without losing its sense of touch and sound.

Right off the bat, there’s death metal traces and a serious, yet extreme layers of violently explosive signatures of loud noises. Vocally, you get black metal styled screams and crisp singing arrangements with the production and instrumentals can be turned up a tad bit within the mixing department but it does maintain such raw and filthy signatures which is amazing to me considering the fact you’ll get perfect balances black and death passages while also combining slam melodies just punches the listener to get their hands filthy and transfer themselves into a insane torture location. Vile Inseminations Pt. 1 is not for the faint of heart but to whoever has a open mind to extreme metal will definitely get a kick out of Vile Impregnation.



Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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