ALESTORM Release New Party Anthem

Pirate metal outfit Alestorm have released a new single, titled “Treasure Chest Party Quest”, the first single from their upcoming album, “Curse of the Crystal Coconut”. The song is more of a party anthem, with over the top lyrics (for an Alestorm song) and a catchy as hell chorus.

About the song, the band said:

“Oh wow everybody! It’s time to release the first single from our upcoming album “Curse of the Crystal Coconut”! We decided to release a song that would offend as many of you as possible, and I think we succeeded! It’s about selling out and stealing treasure and giving birth to yourself. Watch it now on youtube, or listen on Spotify, or whatever! GO GO GO!”.

Curse of the Crystal Coconut” is scheduled to release on May 29th via Napalm Records.


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