DUST SCULPTURES – Far Above The Pines

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Quite frequently I get emails from upcoming metal musicians of all types submitting their music and I almost ALWAYS enjoy what I hear. When I received the email from Josh Marberry about his project DUST SCULPTURES I was excited as I am with all emails about checking out new music. Not only is the name eye-catching but the music is just pure perfection when it comes to the wave of “Blackgaze” and “Post-Black Metal” sound. He blends the sounds of modern black metal with what you would expect to hear from listening to a mix CD that has Cynic, Pink Floyd, and Opeth. The tracks weave elegantly in and out through many genre borderlines. The song “Lies The Youngest Mountain” is a perfect example as it begins with blast beats, tremelo shreds and eerie vocals then leads into a progressive rock sound and just continues to take the listener on a voyage of virtuosity that cannot be compared to anything else out there.

The songs do continue on in the progressive manner with a range of tracks peaking if not over ten minutes or more. The songs are each like a path that you feel you must take for yourself to see and feel what is out there around you. Not a single second while listening to Far Above The Pines does a part sound repetitive or dull. The musicianship behind the music is flawless and it is damn near impossible to believe this album was written, recorded, mixed and mastered in a small bedroom by Josh.

If you are truly a fan of progressive, poetic, and unique metal that crosses over perfectly into prog-rock, then this album is a must listen for you. Be prepared to be engulfed, entranced and left speechless after hearing all the emotion and audible art that Josh has seemed to mastered.





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