IMMORTAL BIRD – Thrive On Neglect

Based out of the Windy City – Chicago, Illinois, Immortal Bird are relatively new to the underground metal scene and with 2019’s 20 Buck Spin release of Thrive On Neglect, this release brings out dynamism, progression, artistic talent and incredibly detailed song structures that are beyond this world. For a band incorporating elements from black metal, sludge and crust, this is also the first album to be released through 20 Buck Spin which that label have released incredible releases from Cerebral Rot, Fetid, Superstition, Spirit Adrift, Ossuarium, and plenty more to come.

This album clocks in around 37 minutes in duration with seven wonderfully driven tracks showcasing the band’s most matured, powerful, visionary inspired releases to date and not to mention the artwork of the album is simply gorgeous. From slower tempo signatures, perfected instrumentals, solid vocal deliveries, and mid-paced to relentless passages from the records atmosphere, they’ve managed to serve different kinds of presentations as their lyricism naturally reflects on proper emotion, passion and perseverance. But from a musical and retrospective view, they’ve not only created differential styles of music genres to become extremely authentic and presentable but pushed themselves sky high showcasing devoted craftsmanship and fantastic production to make these tracks come to life realistically.

From the opening leads of Anger Breeds Contempt and Stumbling Toward Catharsis to the more luxurious track of Solace in Dead Structures, introduces technicality, destructive leads of retaliation and have surprised me to hear such theatrics but their formula is fierce, attractive, entertaining and dynamic. Thrive On Neglect takes its toll on extreme metal no matter how intriguing the artwork or songs give analogies but your ears will be smothered in sweetness. Not only is this the beginning of a new era from these Chicagoans but its a album about emotion, inner strength, futility and beliefs of the human’s nationality is well executed and therefore for a debut album can utilize multiple genres it takes courage and patience to understand their own musical talent.


Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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