DEFEATED SANITY – The Sanguinary Impetus

If anyone loves brutal death metal like I do and doesn’t know Defeated Sanity, you need to change that mind right away and go listen to them. I consider Germany’s Defeated Sanity to be one of the absolute greatest, best and unique band’s within the spectrum of extreme music and I’ve enjoyed majority of their catalogue. Now fast forward in 2020, we have the newest chapter in the band’s long-run career with Willowtip Record’s release of The Sanguinary Impetus. While 2016’s Disposal of the Dead / Dharmata was a nice sound change to incorporate progressive death metal structures, this release however, is a return to form from the band and if you enjoyed Chapters of Repugnance you’re going to enjoy every bit of this album. From the band’s heavy bassy slams, technical skill, monstrous blast beats and guttural vocals, to the amazing and mindfucked production, this is the best Defeated Sanity album I’ve ever heard since Passages Into Deformity and that was my introduction to the band and loved it since.

This album brought many levels of technicality, experience seasonings of devastating instrumentals and songwriting is jammed full of intelligence written all over it. While displaying their inspiration for extreme music these musicians challenged themselves to bring astonishing guitar melodies, progressive chord progressions, drenched patterns of organic drum fills and dive-bombing vocal deliverance bring out a innovative and presented landscapes makes the album truly worth listening to. When you hear tracks such as Propelled into Sacrilege, Conceived Through Savagery and the killer opener to Phytodigestion these songs have done such a remarkable job keeping the balanced compositions steady and authentic making it truly a blistering album start to finish.

Perhaps one of my biggest highlights upon hearing the album in it’s entirety is the ferocious speed-drenched patterns shifting effortlessly from the pounding drums, technical rhythms, aggressive blast beats, introspective and relaxed tempo sections and frantic and creative structures made this album a work of art. The Sanguinary Impetus is Defeated Sanity’s most furious, vicious, heaviest and technical sounding album’s to date and are considered to be one of the greatest technical brutal death metal bands of all time and fans of Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Deeds Of Flesh and Disgorge should not pass up on this magnificent masterpiece.


Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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