KHÔRA – Timaeus

Originally from Germany but now residing in Ireland, Khôra are a atmospheric black metal project formed in 2013 and have prepared ourselves for the debut full-length from Soulseller Records titled Timaeus. Musically, they incorporate many structures and different subgenres of music including traditional black metal, death metal and infusing both symphonic and progressive metal tones which makes the album not only unique but extremely creative. From the wonderfully detailed album artwork, magnificent musicianship, atmospheric, and beautifully made tracks displayed here, these compositions and components demonstrates a melancholic, emotional, journey of a lifetime experience which makes the listener strapped into a world where their lyrical content discusses our universe, existence as a whole, Philosophy and some degree little bit of HP Lovecraftian influences in the lyrical content is really fascinating if you dive deeper into their narration upon hearing this album.

Songs such as Roe Too Noo (Flow Of The Mind), Harvesting Stars, The Occultation of Time and
Sempiternal features some ambiance, complex instrumentals, commendable and thought-provoking melodies gives Timaeus a fresh intake for atmospheric black metal and as someone who doesn’t hear the genre often, this is quite enjoyable front to back because it gives the listener a interpretation, meaning, and understanding to combine various genres of music into one is not often discussed much throughout the extreme metal community. But the album’s progression, crafted songwriting, and impressive statistics beyond the realms of atmospheric black metal is generally hit or miss for many fans but upon listening to Timaeus I was extremely impressed to hear such great atmosphere, ambition, and talented musicianship is one of the best features on the album. Timaeus takes Khôra to a whole new level showcasing their finest craft, achievements and solidarity efforts to bring atmospheric black metal and fans amongst the genre such great heights and surely is worth listening to.


Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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