We got a moment to catch up with Luka Vezzosi of Slovenia’s Within Destruction!

MPM: Please introduce yourselves and what you do for the band

WD: Hi, my name is Luka and I play drums for Within Destruction and manage the band.

MPM: You guys have been getting a lot of notoriety within the Deathcore and Slam scene. How does it feel to be a part of the community and could you go over the pros and cons for the music?

WD: We’re very happy to be a part of this heavy family. Pros would definitely be the support from fans, a lot of bands in the genre have die hard fans that keep supporting them no matter what. Since the average age of the fan base is a bit lower compared to other metal genres and a lot of people are very up to date with social media, the biggest con would be “the need” to shit on everything you don’t like. The fun thing is that usually that’s quite beneficial for a band, at least that was the case for us when we released VOID. All in all I think the WD is accepted greatly in the community and will definitely have a more distinct and unique presence once the new album is out.

MPM: The last time the band has released material was Deathwish which came out little over two years ago and I have enjoyed it front to back. In terms of the songwriting, lyrics, and coming together to make killer music, what was the process in making the album prior to Void?

WD: The process of making DEATHWISH was pretty simple, we just wanted to create a very heavy album while still retaining our long term vision of getting as mainstream as possible with the band.

MPM: Being with Unique Leader Records, how’s the label been treating the band so far and seeing you guys grow massively over the course of the band’s decade existence?

WD: DEATHWISH was primarily self-released but we later on decided to sign to ULR. I think it’s one of the best record labels for heavy music and smaller bands. They treat everyone with respect and the bands vision in mind rather than their own plans. Our new album Yōkai on the other hand will be released under our own record label Ultra Heavy Records. We’ve decided it’s the best option for further developing Within Destruction as a band and ourselves as business men.

MPM: Touring with bands such as Pyrexia, Angelmaker, Internal Bleeding, Signs Of The Swarm, Distant, Ingested, Enterprise Earth, Lorna Shore and Bodysnatcher, which tours have been the most wild, entertaining and energetic shows you can think of?

WD: The wildest tour we did was definitely Lorna shore/Enterprise Earth/Bodysnatcher, we’ve made some really good friends on that tour and can’t wait to tour with them again! To be honest all shows on that tour were insanely good so it’s really hard to chose any highlights. Maybe Chicago <3

MPM: If Within Destruction were to create the ultimate lineup of the band’s choosing, what bands would you like to open for and bring along on the road?

WD: We definitely want to open up for bands/artists like Bring Me the Horizon, Ghostmane, City Morgue, Poppy, Northlane. Bands we want to bring along on tour – there’s so many friends we wanna take out, but I’m only gonna expose Paledusk from Japan.

MPM: The band has released the latest single “Hate Me” on YouTube and I’ve noticed there’s different elements in the song that’s not on past Within Destruction album’s. How has the response and reception been since the song dropped?

WD: I believe all our new singles have been accepted very well. We’re lucky our fanbase is quite open minded and listens to a lot of different genres. Obviously there’s some neckbeards stalking in the bushes throwing shit at us but that doesn’t really bother us.

MPM: How would you all describe the atmosphere, experience and touring worldwide across the nation and how’s it been so far away from your home, family and friends?

WD: Every country, city, venue is a unique experience, even when you return for the second, third time, it’s not gonna be exactly the same. We love meeting new people and experiencing new culture so we’re very happy that we can do this while playing music.
We also look at this as a job not as a hobby so being away from home feels the same like going to your refular daytime work haha.

MPM: Since the band has been around for a Decade, what’s the music scene like in the country for Slovenia?

WD: Slovenia is a very small country, only 2 million people live here, so you can only imagine how hard it is to break through. A lot of people listen to metal though and there’s a lot of bands, but very few get xx the recognition they deserve.

MPM: What can fans expect for future material from Within Destruction and how it be in comparison to Deathwish?

WD: Our new album is completely different from anything else we’ve ever put out, yet it still retains the brutal core, so you will know it is our music. We’ve taken inspiration from other music genres this time instead of just different metal sub genres and we believe we’ve incorporated them very well.

MPM: Do you think music should be considered guilty pleasures for others not listening to metal? If so, thoughts on it?

WD: There’s no such thing as guilty pleasure, if you like something you should not be ashamed of it or mocked about that. That’s just a childish self defense mechanism for neckbeards.

MPM: If metal wasn’t a choice for Within Destruction, what other genres or branches the band like to go for a different sound and direction?

WD: Probably trap or some mainstream pop rock.

MPM: Are there any last words or conclusions to add for the fans reading this Interview?

WD: Keep your eyes open for Yōkai and stay sadboikroo.


Interview by Jake Butler



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