CORDYCEPS – Betrayal

Las Vegas’s brutal death metal band Cordyceps are definitely one of my favorite upcoming artists in the extreme metal realm and words are beyond excited to finally see them landing on Unique Leader Records with the debut full-length album of Betrayal. Cordyceps’s musical style is basically unreal, brutalized, unrelenting, crushed and dissonance style of brutal death metal that reminded me of early Devangelic with a punishing and devastating production reminiscent of Iniquitous Deeds will make fans come in for a nice treat. From their passionate musical directions, compromising contributions and visceral instrumentals this album features tempo melodies and a individualize sophisticated harmonics that surely brings out natural technicality and predominant memorable instrumentals.

One of the most highlighted moments upon listening to Betrayal is the overall modernized death metal chaotic atmosphere as these songs are not necessitate with triggered variations but what makes this album so spectacular and triumphantly brutalized is the unique rhythm guitars and insanely jaw-dropping to the floor chemistry allow these passages a destructive force. But from the technicality, blistering wormholes of contemplating components this is perhaps, if not, the most original brutal death metal sounding albums in the last decade. Betrayal is a punishing, dynamically driven and dismembered album with extraordinaire extreme metal satires which you’ll be finding something at home for any fan of brutal death metal.


Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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